Song Tenor Lead Baritone Bass
Ain't We Got Fun D4 D3 D3 D3
As Time Goes By F♯4 A3 D4 D3
Baby On Board G3 E3 G3 C3
Beautiful Dreamer F♯4 D4 A3 D3
By The Light Of The Silvery Moon D4 F4 B♭3 B♭2
Bye Bye Blues F4 D4 B♭3 F2
Down By The Old Mill Stream D♭4 E♭4 G3 B♭2
Goodbye My Coney Island Baby E4 A♯3 F♯3 C♯3
Goodnight Ladies D4 B3 G3 G2
Happy Birthday To You C4 D3 F♯3 A2
Hello! My Baby F4 C4 A3 F3
How Dry I Am F♯4 C5 E♭ A2
I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles G4 G3 G3 G3
It's A Long, Long, Way To Tipperary D4 F3 B♭3 B♭2
It's You E♭4 F3 A3 C3
Lida Rose G♭4 B♭3 D♭4 G♭3
Love’s Old Sweet Song C4 A♭3 E♭3 A♭2
Moonlight Bay G4 D4 B♭3 G2
My Wild Irish Rose F4 D3 A3 F2
Peg O' My Heart C4 E3 G3 C3
Seems Like Old Times C♯4 C♯3 C♯3 C♯3
Sincere A4 C♯4 E3 A2
Surfer Girl B4 D4 F♯3 D3
Take Me Out To The Ball Game E4 C3 G3 C3
Wait Till The Sun Shines, Nellie E♭4 C4 A♭3 A♭2
While Strolling Through The Park One Day F4 D4 B♭3 B♭2
You're The Flower Of My Heart, Sweet Adeline D4 D3 A3 F2